About Us

Nia McIntyre

Hair Extension & Replacement Specialist

My name is Nia McIntyre, I have 7 years experience and background in the beauty industry, as well as trichology studies. 5 of those years I have been here on the beautiful Island. I attained certification in Many of the newest hair extension methods in today’s industry at the Extensionist, including but not limited to Vogue Pearl, Integrated Weft, micro links, Braidless weave, and many other safe, non damaging methods available today. I Primarily work with Vogue Pearl as it is the only method I have found that I find suitable and damage free for all hair types. I currently have an Old city Location in Nanaimo BC. We hope to expand back to Victoria very soon, and potentially the lower mainland one day!



Lash Extension Specialist

My name is Charlotte Jackson

I have been in the beauty industry for 5 years. There hasn’t been a day where I haven’t felt passion about making women feel beautiful. I take my time in my work to make sure every tiny detail has been perfected. With the knowledge I’ve gained in my experience doing lashes, I have learned to assess each client's individual needs to make my client's lash health and growth the most important aspect. I take 15 minutes after each set to ensure that every lash has been placed & isolated perfectly. With the training I have received at Baby Doll’s along side Nia, I now offer hair extensions as a part of my service, and I have learned so much about applying the same hair health goals for my extension clients as I do for my lash clients. I am very excited to offer my services to women on Vancouver Island for years to come, where I can help make all your hair dreams come true!


Straight Hair Model